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Terms & Conditions

By this electronic instrument, ARIELLE FRIOZA, registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 74595911, with her office in Amsterdam, presents the General Terms and Conditions for the contracting of photographic services.

The effective use of the services and products offered requires the user to accept the terms and conditions when making their purchase. The acceptance of this Instrument means that the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions set forth below, becoming bound to them from the conclusion of the purchase of the product or service.

ARIELLE FRIOZA reserves the right to update and amend the contents of this Instrument, at any time and in its sole discretion, by making available its new version at for views by all Customers.

Version published on July 20, 2019


1.1 This Instrument establishes the general terms and conditions for the contracting of photographic services.


2.1 We recommend that the customer contact us through our communication channels before making the purchase to check if the photographer is available for the date of your event/photo, in case you need a specific date.

2.2 After the purchase of the package through the website, and confirmation of payment, we will contact the customer within 24 hours to schedule the photo shoot, according to the availability of the dates of the photographer’s agenda.


3.1 ARIELLE FRIOZA reserves the right to reschedule external photographic shoots in the event of bad weather or illness, 24 hours before the photographic shoot. Rescheduling is done according to the availability of dates on the photographer’s agenda.

3.2 The photo shoot date can be changed with at least 5 working days in advance, according to schedule availability.

3.3 To ensure calendar availability for your desired date, a non-refundable fee of € 40 is charged at the time of booking.

3.4 In case of rescheduling, an additional € 20 will be charged.


4.1 If there is a cancellation by the client after the purchase, there will be no refund. The customer will receive the amount as credit for future purchases. The amount can be transferred to third parties.


5.1 ARIELLE FRIOZA is located in Amsterdam. Photo shoots transportation fees are not charged within the A10 Ring. For the other locations, there will be a fee according to Nederlandse Spoorwegen. Customer should contact us and verify the value in advance.


6.1 The photographic shoot is done by appointment, in agreement with the Client. A delay of a maximum of 15 minutes will be tolerated. ARIELLE FRIOZA reserves the right to cancel the service.


7.1 The hourly rate fee for an additional hour charge is € 100, which should be paid at the end of the appointment, in cash.


8.1 We offer a tool to choose the photos where the client can choose the desired photos.

8.2 All photos provided as “samples” have a watermark as a limitation of the tool we use and under no circumstances will they be available without the watermark.

8.3 You can buy extra photos for € 10 each. It is expressly prohibited the capture and dissemination of the photos sent at the moment of the choice through software.


9.1 Preview photos for initial selection will be sent within 7 business days.

9.2 Edited and high-resolution photos (48×32 cm / 100DPI) will be delivered within 15 business days after the final choice made by the customer through our tool.

9.3 The digital photos will be delivered as a private download link.

9.4 If you wish to get the photos in 1 business day (preview and/or delivery) an additional fee of € 60 will be charged.

9.5 The client has 1 month (after receiving the private link by email) to do the photo selection. If the client does not choose the photos within the indicated period (1 month after receiving the private link by email), the photographer gives herself the right to choose the best photos for final delivery.


10.1 ARIELLE FRIOZA reserves the right to deliver only the photos considered with quality. Photos without quality will not be delivered to the Customer.

10.2 Unedited photographs and/or RAW files will not be delivered in any way.


11.1 The treatment of photos include basic corrections:

Color Correction;
Light Correction;
Contrast Adjustment;
Pimples and Specific Pregnancy Marks (if requested);

In the packages there are NOT included advanced treatments:

Manipulation of photos for weight loss;
Removal of wrinkles, dark circles and expression lines;
Skin blemishes resulting from sunburn or any other type;

The advanced editing service can be hired separately. Value on request.


12.1 When you purchase any of our products or services, your photos will automatically be part of our photographic collection and may be used on our social networks, websites and printed campaigns.

12.2 The client agrees to mention and / or credit ARIELLE FRIOZA, whenever possible, when sharing the photos.

Questions related to this document should be sent by e-mail to [email protected]